Die by the​.​.​.

by Swords of Mars

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Formerly known as EROTIC SUPPORT. this album is slowed down, tighter, with more of a bluesy touch to it then their previous incarnation of a watered down MOTORHEAD.
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Released as Swords of Mars.


released January 1, 2006

Ville - guitar & vocals
Tero - guitar
Mikko - bass guitar
Jussi - drums

Recorded at DMT trenari & drums at Sonic Pump Studios in 2006. Recorded and mixed by Antti Malinen.
Additional keyboards by Sauli Hirvi.

Cover photo from NASA and STScI / hubblesite.org




Erotic Support Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Hunter Gatherer
Ten million years ago
Monsters walk the earth
Struggling to survive
Mankinds on its knees

Gather what you can
Leave it all behind
Ten million years ago
The hunter is the prey

Ten million years ago
Mountains vomit fire
Raining death on you
Mother Earth in turmoil

Sky turning black
God turns his back
Ten million years ago
Your future is your past

Kill machine incarnated
Merciless, indifferent
Curse under your dying breath
The law of the land

Dedicated to the art
Fangs and claws deadly sharp
The fittest will survive
Abandon all hope
Track Name: Old Enough
Animated puppet on a string
A life locked down, a maelstrom of shit
Suspended animation
Can't go back, I can't back down

My mistakes are none but my own
Its hard to stand on your way down
Old enough not to care
Never too young to die

I'll never give in
Take nothing back
I'll never forget
Not to forgive

A terminal binge, a funeral dirge
Life catches up leaving you with death
Broken hearts, a tainted syringe
Can't go right with what little is left
Track Name: Revelations
Stand back, eyes front
It's not what you do, it's what you don't
Ears bleed - a broken record
A tourniquet for a cracked mirror

Close the lid - darkness falls
An open casket to end it all
My soul at last united
No reprieve at rebirth separated

Twist of fate - castles fall
Made of sand, one and all

Moment of truth - realize
My life, my sacrifice

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